Our Home

Our home.

I know I said I was going to only post once a week but I have received a lot of questions as to where we are living so I thought I would share how we ended up on this property.

Did we buy a ranch?

Are those your horses?

Is all that land yours?

Did we find our dream home?

The answer to all these questions is no.

We are currently renting a house for now. It is owned by a wonderful woman who also lives on the property and all of the horses and other animals are hers. We are renting the main house which is a one story ranch home, a perfect fit for our family of five. She has opened up her entire 5 acres to us and the kids are obsessed with checking on how many eggs the chickens have laid (which I am sure is so relaxing for those chickens when their coup door is opened a number of times a day), saying hello to the horses (Boo, Freckles and Freckles’ daughter…totally forgot her name) and donkey (St. Francis) and running around the pastures. It is magical to them and I am in love with watching them explore.

So how did we end up here?

When I first started looking for homes to rent here in the valley, there were THREE available. THREE. Most non-owner occupied properties are vacation rentals so the inventory was beyond low. When visiting the available options, none really felt like us nor represented what we were hoping for in this new chapter. I could just feel it in my gut that these weren’t right, and that started to make me nervous. Perhaps we weren’t meant to go? (always love that negative mind set popping in…) We prayed about it in hopes that God would lead us to the right place and one morning shortly thereafter, while perusing Craig’s List, this amazing property came up. Within four days we were good to go. It could not be a better fit. We feel blessed to live the “ranch life” without having to invest in that right now while we both get working on work.

I do believe that our dream home is sitting out here in the valley, waiting for us, and we will find it when we are meant to. For now, we are loving this gift and are very grateful to have been led to it.

One thought on “Our Home

  1. I know your dream home is up there too! In the meantime, enjoy the ranch and continue to blog more as I’m enjoying it!


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