Week Fourteen and Fifteen: Thankful


“Thank Me for the very things that are troubling you” – Jesus Calling

Yes, I know I skipped a week.  My Brother and Dad were in town for the first time last week and I just didn’t want to take a moment to step away and by the time Friday rolled around, I had developed a terrible sinus infection and writing was the last thing I wanted to do.  To save you all from a DayQuil-induced ramble, I thought it best to simply let week Fourteen pass by and catch up again this week.

So up to the quote at the top.  This quote really stood out to me this week because not only did Loren begin his 190 mile run from Nebraska to Iowa (he is already past 100 miles as I write this!), but this week also marked the one year anniversary of him getting let go from the company he had given his heart and soul to and thought he would never leave.

Coincidence?  I think not.


One year ago, our world was certainly shaken.  For a couple that has had it pretty “easy” (which I am extremely grateful for), it was definitely a curve ball.  Yes, yes, I know life throws curve balls and I am okay with that but this one…this one never came on the radar and being that we had never really thought through this option, it was surprising to say the least.


That day seems a mile away now and I have been reflecting on the entire situation this week while watching Loren run.  The situation that so many people thought was “doomsday” for us.  I mean, what were we going to do with the breadwinner not working now!  Cue horror music here.

So what were we going to do with this “troubling” situation?


We spent last Summer traveling to North Carolina, Las Vegas, the Bahamas, Santa Barbara, Portland and Colorado, showing our kids more of this incredible world.

Loren began strengthening his relationship with the kids that had become distant due to traveling so much for work.

We run together, go to lunch together, cook together, talk about life together, and enjoy so many more moments together.

We spend more time together as a family and are doing a better job of putting our faith at the center of it.

We chased a dream and moved to Santa Ynez, a place that seemed like a distant idea in our busy world.

We have begun to show our children a different way of life that they could not have experienced in Orange County.

We have met so many incredible people here in Santa Ynez.

Loren committed to doing the MS Run the US and trained daily for almost a year.

Together we worked to raise over $23,000 to fight MS while teaching our kids about fundraising, what it means to be involved and to always give.

Today we arrive in Iowa to see this run come to life and for Loren to show our kids what it means to sacrifice and push yourself to limits you don’t think are possible.

So, I guess the question is….was the situation that “troubling”?


Yes, Loren will need to go back to work.  We are not retired just yet (though I will say, I am enjoying him home everyday!) and I know he will go back when the right position comes along.  And it will, I have no doubt.  However, none of these things I listed would have ever been possible if we did not experience the “troubling” situation.  So for that, looking back over the year, I say

Thank you God.  Thank you for all of it.  I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Happy Weekend.

2 thoughts on “Week Fourteen and Fifteen: Thankful

  1. So well said. Santa Ynez has always been my dream place (we visit a lot). When I saw you pick up and do it, I was envious. Of course I knew none of the back-story…just saw you as I scrolled by on IG. God has a funny way of turning our lives around. Sometimes things that seem like the worst things are actually the best things and our faith is what determines the outcome. I hope you love your time in the valley. Congrats on your new adventure.


    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. It continues to be one of the best things that have happened to us and I still pinch myself that we are living here in SY. I hope at some point our paths cross when you are visiting! I just made a visit to your site and your talent is incredible! I am looking forward to following along and being inspired.


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