Week Sixteen: The Setting

One question that I have constantly struggled with since becoming a mom is…

“To work or not to work”

I feel very fortunate that I have had the option to choose but both sides have led me down a path of numerous pros and cons that have only clouded the “right answer”.  After years of trying to figure it out, I have come to the conclusion that there is no “right answer”.

When I worked, I would sit at my desk wishing that I was at home instead of the nanny, missing the opportunity to do simple things like go to the park with my kids.  While staying home, I would get jealous of my husband being able to go to the office and have a cup in coffee in peace while hearing a voice screaming in my head “I DIDN’T GO TO COLLEGE TO DO LAUNDRY ALL DAY!”

After four years of being an official “Stay at Home” Mom, I would love to say that I have 100% adapted to my role but considering over those four years I chaired a Gala two years in a row, started a blog, coordinated a wedding, took on the role of President for a Catholic Executive’s organization, and started another blog, perhaps I haven’t adapted as well as one might think.  Yes, I absolutely love being home with my kids but I do need a little more.

Here is the thing.  I don’t need much.  I just need something that is only Sarah.  Not mom. Not wife.  Just Sarah.  Something outside of my household roles that engages me in a different way, challenges me, opens up relationships and opportunities, and just makes me feel connected to the world as an individual.


This week started a new venture for me.  I am going to be overseeing Social Media for The Setting Wines.  It is a new wine label located in Healdsburg, Ca. that is launching this month and I feel very fortunate that they asked me to help them with an area that I am very passionate about.  I mean, it is wine and social media!  Need I say more?  One week in and I am loving it.  Being able to really engage in the development of a label that I believe in is invigorating and I am extremely grateful that this opportunity presented itself when it did.  Stay at Home Sarah is still present but it is nice to have a little more Career Sarah dipping her toes in the working world again.

So follow along and help a girl out!  You may have already seen some of my invites and posts but I would love to see you all get engaged and learn more about the wine and the people behind it.  Plus, it is Summer time and we all need a fabulous Sauvignon Blanc to be sipping on by the pool.  You can follow The Setting Wines on Instagram by clicking here, on Facebook by clicking here,  Twitter by clicking here  or visit their website by clicking here.

It feels good to be back, even if just a little bit.

Happy Weekend.

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