Week Seventeen & Eighteen: Summer

The biggest question I have right now is “HOW is it already July 14th?!!”

It feels like Summer started yesterday and yet we are looking at only one more month until the First Day of School.

So what has been going on these past few weeks that have left me without a moment to sit down and write a post?  Hmmm, lets see…

Loren ran 190 miles from Lincoln, Nebraska to Des Moines, IA.

We all made the trip out to Iowa to support Loren.

I started overseeing Social Media for The Setting Wines.

Our Oldest started playing for a basketball club in San Luis Obispo (one hour away!) with practices three days a week.

Our Middle Man played Baseball All Stars and had a tournament in Santa Barbara three weekends in a row and then in Thousand Oaks three weekends in a row.

Baby Girl has been keeping herself active with playdates, Horse Camp and Dance Camp.

We made a last minute decision to go to Orange County for the Fourth of July.

We have had friends and family come stay with us sporadically over the past month.

I guess you could say we have had a lot going on this Summer but I wouldn’t change a thing.  The is what Summer is all about!  I love watching the kids continue to become acclimated to our new home and finding their way when it comes to doing the things that they love.

We have one month left of Summer and I plan on taking full advantage of that time.  It is full steam ahead!

Happy Weekend.


One thought on “Week Seventeen & Eighteen: Summer

  1. Hi! I’m way behind on my reading this summer but had to chime in! Congrats to Loren & your family on his run! Love, health & blessings! Jenn & Joe


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